Sewage Cleanup, Removal, Restoration and Deodorization

A water loss containing raw sewage is in a category of its own. Termed “black water,” raw sewage contains numerous air- and blood-borne pathogens capable of causing illness and other serious health effects. If a sewer line breaks or toilet overflows into your home, the results can be horrifying. Bad odors, bacteria, stains, and contamination can all result from a sewage intrusion, and require immediate attention. Sewage is home to toxins and bacteria that need to be cleaned by a trained professional wearing protective gear and using special decontamination tools and equipment. Our sewage overflow cleanup team members will work to remove sewage, repair damaged structures, decontaminate all materials and remove odors. Our first step to removing and repairing a sewage intrusion is to remove all solid and liquid materials by pumping them out of your home or propert. These hazardous materials must be disposed of properly. All porous materials should be carefully removed and properly disposed of. Hard surfaces are cleaned and bio-washed using anti-microbial agents. Many materials that become contaminated with sewage must be removed and disposed of, sometimes including irreplaceable heirlooms. If a sewage overflow has caused other damage to your property, we offer flooring restoration services, bio-cleaning services, and odor removal services as well.

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Our service steps include:

  • Service 1 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Emergency 45-Minute Response
    - One of our emergency sewage damage restoration experts arrives in 45 minutes or less.
  • Service 2 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Free Assessment
    - We perform a free sewage damage and moisture assessment to locate all affected areas using moisture meters and thermal infrared cameras.
  • Service 3 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Insurance Claim Approval
    - We work with your insurance provider (all insurance companies included) to process the claim and ensure you get fully covered.
  • Service 4 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Removal and Cleanup
    - We remove all sewage and water from your property, dry and clean all elements including ceilings, walls, floors, air ducts, carpets, furniture, upholstery, and personal belongings. We also disinfect all affected areas and perform mold remediation to stop mold growth
  • Service 5 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Walkthrough with Adjuster
    - After 3-5 days one of our sewage and water damage experts meets with the insurance adjuster to conduct a sewage and water damage walk-through at your property to identify and document damages and create a detailed work plan for restoration and reconstruction.
  • Service 6 - Sewage, Water, Flood Damage Restoration
    - Immediately after the adjuster meeting, our crew begins the sewage and water damage restoration process that usually takes about 2-6 days for average jobs. The water damage reconstruction involves the replacement and/or rebuilding of all damaged elements, including cabinets, floors, walls, furniture, and much more, back to their original condition.